Why Mass Muni Bonds?


Municipal bonds build and maintain our critical public infrastructure. School systems, water & sewer systems, colleges, universities, hospitals, and civic infrastructure throughout the Commonwealths’ cities and towns are often financed with Municipal Bonds. Think of Massachusetts’ biggest hospitals, our most prominent institutions of higher learning, our public transit systems, our major highways; these have staying power measured in decades and centuries. Maybe that is the single most important introspection one might have when thinking about maintaining wealth. Do the assets I own have generational staying power? Wealth preservation may depend on the answer. Municipal bonds are often associated with capital preservation,tax-exempt income, principal protection and safety.


Municipal Bonds are an investment vehicle with a long history of strength and perseverance, much like Moors & Cabot.


Moors & Cabot is an independent broker dealer operating in the heart of Boston’s financial district since its founding in 1890. Our long history is a testament to the core principles of our founders; integrity, honesty, and commitment to helping our customers.